Finally, i made a new signature...

Ok, i haven’t made any signatures in a long time, so here is a lil 5 minute quicky :smiley:

Rate Pl0X!! :hyper:

Good Things
Nice Brushing
Nice Color
Nice Text
nice sig
Bad Things
I Dont Like The Size :-p(had 2 think of summin lol)

I agree with ranger.

Man, I love it. I like how it has a strong contrast like thing to it (hard to explain lol :hyper:)
sickmate 8)

4/10 what is it a picture of? and where did it come from?

I like it very much. I love the brushing and I also like how it is different from most signatures.

Sorry, I don’t like it…you can do better.

Good things:
The brushing
Eh, the pixel font isn’t blurred…well, had to think of something.

Bad things:
The coloring! Looks way too bloody!

Overall rating: Unknown/10.