Finally Leaving RSR!

Finally Leaving This Site…Everytime I make a post and try to be nice
either no one responds or they give me an attitude…

The only good thing I’ve ever gotten from this stupid site is someone
helping and actually been nice to me…

xgod-chaserx thank you for all ur help

i can’t believe ive been wasting my time writting on these stupid posts to
get nothing :?

what do i get for trying to be nice and helping people out !
nothing i’ve been doing posts for a while now and all i get is
0 posts back! you guys dont even have a nice gesture to help me out
or even talk to me when im making a post even if you dont like/need what ever im writting …

:x all i was doing is wasting my time here…
just like im doing right now!

all im trying to say is " f u rsr " i guess…

well cya around and hopefully never to talk to you or see you in the game!

And if your wondering did I think of doing this because of the flammer who pissed me off cause of my bank its part of it id say 1/4 !of the reason

Hey I thnk yur great here!!!Plz dont leave…we dont wanna lose another member of the site.

hey lutenist!i agree with u!!

every one here is mean!!

ur the ONLY one who responed to me!!!(nicely)

not everyone here is mean and no offense rsr staff but i agree with lutenist!

would u plz trade me addy full for rune full plz

ok, leave, I would have left a long time ago because the site sux (Not really the site, but most of the ppl on it). I just stick around to laugh at the stupid noobs and read some stuff. I stopped posting for just about the same reason. and a lot of other ppl have left, so it doesnt really matter.

i kinda agree wit u lutenist i dont get much replies either
but wen someone does, theyre nice but anyway
Farewell and goodbye lutenist

And i wouldve quit also but my friends got me into to staying here

Not everyone is mean here. You just got replies from people who are plain stupid. Sometimes people don’t think it’s necessary to post under a topic that doesn’t affect them. If you were one of the people I have talked to from RSR you could of told me then how you were feeling. XGod-chaserX must have been nice to you otherwise you wouldn’t of mentioned him. My suggestion is you stay here just a bit longer and think really hard of a topic that will affect everyone. I know it’s hard when you try your best to help someone out and you don’t seem to get anything out of it but really, you get the satistfaction of helping someone(Or if you help was useless) you get revenge for people being mean to you. That last part was just a joke but please stay, not everyone is a jerk here. I’m cool 8) :D. If you want I could talk to you in-game about a few issues and we could become buds :). Well I’m going to end my very long speil about you staying but if you decide not to stay well I hope you find a forum where you feel more at home.

Flopster0, The kindest Staff Member around :smiley: .

thats great. you tried to help, and people didnt care.

well, not many person post replies on this forum , but man , this is the best forum i know (the other is (only for members , bah)
i tried to look for other good forums , but they all sucks

Omg, that was not called for…
There are plenty of nice people in RSR. You just have to ignore
people like him. :wink:

I know how you feel in a way…

I remember a time when RSR was great…


There was a time when I first came here where everyone was kind, didnt spam, scam, or flame. People helped others with constructice criticism, instead of unkind words.

Then times got bad… calanel got banned when he went haywire, and 1 million scammers, spammers, and flamers took his place… all of a sudden, you couldent say a word without getting flamed for it… even the older members grew meaner… but I am positive that if we all work together, RSR can be the great place it once was, so then all these honerable members wouldnt be leaving…

Like me? I hate your bank its all nooby stuff dude sell the addy for 50k and get sum good stuf u fin noob.

sgh unfortunately, its people like these that I talked about in my previous post…

C’mon please don’t leave. I was nice enough to make you a free signature… :cry: :frowning: :cry:

lutenist… lutenist… lutenist why cant you see that you are but one mere stupid person in a giant forum! no one cares if you leave… except these little sissies so give up, your just a nobody in this giant world of rich hot somebodies. Give it up, have fun commit a crime and live the rest of your life in jail… nobody will care…and i sign out on this note…

Common courtesy isn’t found enough anymore, and I wish that things could be different, but it seems Lutenist has already made his descision about it. I personally don’t go out of the way to make people happy or show more than a neutral stance on many things anymore becouse I get names like “Fag” or “Panzie”, and on an internet site, it’s hard to distinguish the difference in charecter between people that aren’t willing to show kindness and people who are actually good, and would like to hear from other people and share ideas.
Hoping for a change wouldn’t be thinking realistically becouse so many people just don’t seem to care. You can’t let it get you down, and you can’t let it bother you, and while it may be hard to ignore and pain you to put up with, there will always exist the fact that you, at least one person, did care. And to me, you are a good person. Farewell to you.

Hes my brother and what he was trying to say is that you ARE a fag and a panzie and no one cares a bout you so go and rot in hell…hmph…such a disgrace i say leave runescape too because you are an amzing target for scammers and you will lose everything. Pah! goodbye noobs

Dude…Geez u dont gotta be that mean and people being mean like
that will make more people leave.

But again “Farewell and goodbye lutenist”

J, please stop. It is extremely unkind what you are doing.