Finally! life restored!

I finally got Gold gloves for a good deal! i died about a month ago to mages with all my best possesions such as a def. ammy given to me by my friend before he quit RS. A ruby ammy another friend got me for Christmas. a sapphire ring too. i cant believe it. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

this is a pointless topic

Good for you, but this is pointless.

i bought like 120 gold gloves for 10gp…
good stuff Mr.Pointless

those things are all cheap. Why would u think I would want to know u lo st them any w ay?

You guys dont have to be A-Holes about it. I’ve seen hundreds of topics like this before. The insults are pointless, not the topic. Congrats! :twisted:

thank you Rugeba.
im f2p guys so u probably get urs very easily cheap.

Here in as i say “badlands” f2p worlds ur lucky to even SEE gold gloves being sold and even if you do they are not cheap.Some of the P2P players arent nice to us becuz they think we are little beggars but sum are kind. “The noobs are ppl who call ppl noobs” as i say,for me,this is a great achievement for me and most low lvls.

ummmmmm okay and. htf is this goin to help anybody else.

is it wrong to post achievements? NO!
so F*** off