finally ready for horror from the deep

at last, i got my prayer level, got my agility, did scorpion in prep for this, sold my maul, bought pages and at last im ready for horror from the deep !!!1 bring it on baby !!!

EDIT: in case free people r curios y i have noob crap like iron long and bronze arrows, u need them for quest, im just showing i have collected all the things to do it.

Nice… but next do legends!

wow, your lucky…darn i wish i could do that but i need 30 prayer to complete scorion catcher =(

lol thanks guys, prayer took alot of green dragons. and lol, im aiming for heros, i need a few herblore levels, then after heros, im doing legends hopefully by lvl 65. : )

good 4 u. weel done.

good luckon it…i tryed it the first dagonmoth is easy but themother is a pain the the arse

i know lol what a pain its hard.

i need a pik do open the door? meet me in world 9 tomorrow we can do it together

lol…good luck on horror from the deep=)