I finally got 76 fishing today; YAY!!!

Woot Nice! Congratz!

OMG that’s awesome! Get ready to harvest in them sharks! Lol congratz, now you gotta update your signature


Hey, sweet, congratz on being able to fish sharks. Not only do you make cash but you beat sporty and birjy in fishing. :P.

lol thanks guys…now, i’m training cooking to 80

Sweet congratz on the lvl. I’m lvl 77 :)… havent fished in awhile tho… I remember when i got 76 fishing it was awesome :slight_smile: good luck on 80 cooking…

ps- u shud update ur sig to show off ur 76 fishing :slight_smile:

so how long were u playing runescape for??? and how long did it take u to get there??

well it took me about 2 weeks, i play around 3 hours a day but i hadn’t played saturday or sunday because i had to go to a bot mitzvah…it might be longer if you are f2p

bot mitzvah lol its bat mitzvah but anywayz… wow 3 hours a day!!! im lucky if i can go on for 2 hours a day!!! u lucky boi!!