find me and win

boundgun won!

heres us saying hi


On my way :smiley: :D…and btw im rune pker12

Ive got it. going there now.

=[P hurry! up

900 posts i am a RSR legendary!

well the place is kinda easy theres a big help it tells exactly were you are

I beat u :tongue: (ihope)

round 2 will begin shortly! just need to switch worlds!

I’m confused? How does this work? Your at air temple and we have to get there first?

nooo i am changing my locatoin you have to get to my world and were i am

DAM! I needed D Hide stuff! O well, good fun anyways. I got 25k. Forgot the pic, Ill put it in later.

Lol good job on beating me. That was me in the pic their (red clothes)

You’re the runepker 12 dude? I thought you were magekill :yell: I HATE YOU FOR TAKING IT! No JK.
Here’s the Pic of what I got.

Are you doing another one?