Find That Person (win white mystic)

read the WHOLE post before u do any thing

ok im going to play a game. you must take a picture of the following people.

to play post if you are going to play and edit ur topic as u find people

dontblink2 (me) - where to find usally in world 9
mr nube15 - usally at abyssal demons
cyrus03 - usally pking at mage bank (probly will be the hardest to get a pic of)

right click on them and take a picture and post it here. if u find just one post a pic and as u find another edit ur topic. first person to post pictures of all these ppl wins the prize.

the prize is :white mystic top and bottom and 100k cash

good luck to every one

cool this is a cool game. Too bad im not members so i cant even go to like the abyssal demons lol. And will they have their full private chat on or just friends

it is possible for free players but its extremly hard. mr nube15 goes on world 5 f2p some times in varrok

me and cyrus usally go to edge in the free world when we go pking

also i think they all have private on friends but if u ask to see them ur picture wont count

oops ment to edit my post :frowning: not double post

ok cool but im probably not going to try. I doubt i will ever find them. The onyl person thats mayeb sorta like famous is duke_freedom but he was just in front of varrock bank in world 1 so…

I’ll probably try…

Well if the reward is 100k and mystic top and bottom…then wouldn’t you have to sell the mystic if a f2p’er wins?
Oh and btw, I’ll try I guess.

i can sell the mystic and give them the cash

K, so we can’t pm them and ask them where they are?
(Lol, just wondering, don’t wanna get caught cheating!)

nope you cant because i will ask them if u took a pic of them in a place they dont go much :wink:

If i do get to meet you can we be friends? lol

Hmmmm im never ganna find u guys lol…and if i do find u in the wildy…ill be back in lummby in like a flash lol!..but this sounds fun…o wait world 5???im always on world 5!!!I cant go in the wildy till this game is over lol!

P.S. plz dont kill lilbanshee,cheetah550,angules310,or budda 888 lol i begg of u almighty blink!!!lol…jk…just dont kill lilbanshhe lol

Heh, whilst hosting my own competition, my wit and intellect led me to take the pic at the abby demons :p, though I really can’t be bothered to go chasing around after you lot. I have much more important things to do, like um…run out of Slayer Tower.

~ ewok

i will try l8r…

Man they were all with you fishing that one day…too bad i didnt get the pic then

it cant be a pic before this competition :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey blink, do you or cyrus or mr nube have your private off or to friends?
Cause I haven’t seen you or them log since last night.

i got it on friends so does nube and cyrus

Dang, that’s going to be impossible to find you guys! lol

are you guys on right now?