Finished The Feud Today

It was kind of hard for a lvl 65, but i managed killin a lvl 75 and a 70. I would post more details but dont wanna spoil the story :wink:

Woot 700th Post! :smiley:

thats some nice exp! how many lvls did it put up in theaving?

I went up 3 lvls in theiving, plus i got 390 xp during the quest because i got a genie :smiley:

nice thieving lvl now?

That sounds like a cool quest. I never do them the day they come out; too many people. I like to go solo :p. What’s this “desert disguise” and “blackjack” lol. Blackjack as in the 1p chew? 8O

~ ewok

The disguise is a hat and fake beard you make to make you seem like you are a villager, and the blackjack is the weapon of one of the gangs who live in the town.

See this is a pic of me wearing it.