Fire cape

I saw someone with a fire cape and couldn’t help but take a pic (I’m the one in the beret)


Dude, that cape looks awesome. Do you know if they’re tradeable. - if so, how much it would cost me to buy one?

Hehe. There’s someone with a purple party hat on. Isn’t that the rarest one?

I thought it was white? - OR is that just worth the most?

no the rarest one is white phat

Blue is the most expensive.

there not tradeable you need to kill the lvl 702 for it

I’ll take that, that its a quest item? Or is it a monster even I can access? If so, where?

you need to do the fight cave mini game

at the fight pits you have to kill the last monster lvl 702 (like blink said) then some guy gives you a lava cape for killing it!

It used to be the rarest one, until loads of people at AutoRune duped it lol.

Ok. Well, it’s a party hat. You can’t beat that. Except for the fire cape. Oooo shiny!

I wish i could be able to kill the lvl 702 to get the cape. :frown:

Blue partyhat is the most expensive and the rarest. Search at the Discontinued items forum and you will find more white partyhat sellings than blue partyhat sellers (blue partyhat sellers are usually 4 or less)

I’ve seen one before, I find the party hat more exciting…

Ya I like phats more the fire capes…2of my faverite items in 1 pic lol