Fire party pictures!!! great stuff!!!!

Fire party for recruiting with FF! we gained 3 members from it

lol! funny stuff ded, how massive was the fire?

It was huge and awesome! Heres the pic that I got:

it got bigger and biggre and bigger yet, were still recruiting

a guy in ur pic has d legs nice!!!

Ooh… Pretty… I like all the fires you made… Good job…

sweet but y that guy say i am anoying

Hey…I think I was there when it happend…hmmmmmmm

i am in the last pic

umm :stuck_out_tongue: im lvl 79 wif 70 range and 62 mage i just need a few more lvls till i can join, care if i join now? check ma stats below = )

P.S. the combat is calc’d wrong, ill meet u ig if u want :slight_smile:

Goku79, what is your username on rs?

A few people there had dragon platelegs!

Lol, great way to advertise :smiley: ! You made the market a little bit more fun…

Not too bad. :lol:
I always love fire fests because I rise my firemaking at least 10 lol :stuck_out_tongue: