Firefox "Safe" mode?

After hearing about all these stories about getting hacked, I installed Mozilla firefox. It has a Safe mode option, but what does it do? It’s like a seperate program too. Anyone know what it is?

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

I use Mozilla… Never tryed it, but I think it like uses less memory (resulting in worse graphics) to prevent your computer from getting hacked… Or it’s just for slower computers… Not sure though lol


Don’t use it…It sucks…dont worry about it just use Mozzila Firefox normal not safe mode…

Safe Mode is a Firefox startup mode where all the extensions you have installed are disabled and the default theme is used. This is useful for debugging and seeing which extension might be causing a problem, especially since extensions are known to act up. Safe Mode is always a handy option to revert to if things begin to go wrong (for example, Firefox opens with no theme and everything is white).

Hey! Firefox is a great program, it runs really fast and its much safer than internet explorer, it stoped viruses, most ad-ware, spyware, and more pretective than the dang internet explorer.

-Happy Feeling-happy-that-your-not-getting-hacked