firewarriors!!!the new clan read it first before joining!!!

ok people im standing this clan for people who likes to do other stuff like fishing,crafting and mining and woodcut>

u need atleast three of this skills.

40+ fishing
20+ crafting
40+ woodcutting
30+ mining

here are combat skills u need atleast 1 if possible.

35+ attack
30+ strenght
30+ deffence

and u need to be wearing these.

yellow cape

u need atleast 25 questpoints,pm me if u want to join,
say your runescape username with your skills if u pm me.

nvm i’ve found a different place… how do you delete posts?

the pillars of runescape want you to become our allie. please reply.

i wan to join. only thing that i need to work on is my wood cutting email me at

im combat 79. join?

what kind of low lvl stats r that which u r requiring?
30 mining gets you no-where until ur around 45, when u actually have a shot at getting some coal.
40 woodcutting is useless- no money there until yews
20 crafting is pointless- same reason as w/c not high enuf to do anything worthwhile
40 fishing- i can see lobbies, but shouldn’t u have to be able to cook them too?
35 attak- if the other combat stats r all only have to be 30, why this one 35?
Y not- 25 prayer, for protect items (quite useful) or 25 magic (varrock tele) or 40 ranging as optional becuz then even on f2p its decent.
And y the yellow capes y not mabe- red gloves and cape, but yellow?
and quest points r useless unless ur a member- then the guild - legends have some really enticing features. other than thos problems, i had considered joining.

                                                 -012795, a.k.a. reaper