First Clue Scroll Reward Ever!

Rate 1-10! remember it was me first one :smiley:

o yea! kick @$$ man! i did it!

no one will respond/???

Don’t triple post. Read the rules:

The pic doesn’t work. Congrats though.

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

sry. i dont kno much about rsr yet. it changed since i’ve been on here last time

Yea don’t double post (or triple lol) whatever… And also whatever you got from it, congrats.


bad link or something can’t view it try it again or use a different hoster

Dude I just looked at the link… There’s no such thing lol… I think you should try uploading it again! :smiley:


ya sumthins up with da link

just to be a moron, ill say it again… it dint werk

I cant see it :S

take a chill pill… maybe he didnt know u cant double or triple post… i never knew that when i first started either so chill out

let me recommend a book

hahahhahaha. rum thats so funny man

Umm…Mods, Plz Lock =( Sorry.

theres no pic lolz