First ever wildy kill!

Well this is my first ever kill that i got anything other than bones on- the rune plate, scim and addy legs are the pk.

nice. i wish i could pk.

wow sweet kill good job!

Love the tele’s :yes:

Dude i always bring telly runes… he had them too, but it was a little too deep.

Yeah, well done! :slight_smile:

Not really, he followed me from level 3 wildy until the level 25 you see, wanted to team with me… at 25 he attacked me (earning a skull) and i potted up and owned him. He prayed for a while, then he got low on health. I hit a 3, he tried to eat, then i hit a 13 and he died. lolerz. Serves him right.
He was carrying 7 laws… wtf?

how brings 7 laws into the wildy? i would’ve brought just 1.

i bring 4 laws into wildy…

why? just bring one… less risk, but for this guy, there aint much left to risk :slight_smile:

congratz buddy, thts a nice kill for ur first.

nice job, i wish I could pk, my character wasn’t made for that

in case when i tele i forget to bank one, or i tele and i need to run back to the wildy that second

gratz, thats a good FIRST pk

yeah i just realized that lol…

Well ppl i just got a second pk… dont have a pic tho. Thats the bad part.

what was it?

Nice man! At least you can pk! I only managed 1 full rune pk on the 1 (and some months) year i play.

Good pk. I can’t really pk that well. There are too many pures around. I got one today but it was just bones.

Nice job for first PK! My friend PK was like, leather armor…