first every animtion

i have just started animtions and i did it in like 1 min so rate it of 10

for your 1st one, 8/10 but how do you make a animation?

Animation Shop 3

My sconed

Can you make the first one go slower becuase I can’t see how all the people look like… :frowning:

I guess they’re both pretty good for first tries with a complex program… 9/10 for the fast going animation showing a lot of buddies and 8/10 for the other slower animation where a battle is taking place between two buddies…

i slower it down

Thanks Geminiman and do you like my avator

Thanks Geminiman and do you like my avator

Yeah, I guess it looks really cool as it does relate to your name and it is spelled out so yeah… It looks cool… Not saying that it wouldn’t look cool otherwise but seeing as you put a similar theme to how your name looks like when it’s spelled out does give it somewhat of a relavence…


and i like to make sigs and avators

go here to PLASMO’s Pic Shop

l will make one for you with a animtion

l will make one for you with a animtion

I’m not trying to sound rude or anything but that’s ok… I appreciate your offer though but I wanna see if I can test my own (Currently non-existant) skills to make a sig of my own… Again, I really didn’t mean to make that sound rude or harsh… But you really don’t have to make anything for me if you don’t want…

ok then

Well tell your friends about PLASMO’s Pic Shop

For the first one, learn to crop :). I would rate the first one 5/10 and the second one 6/10.

wot do you mean learn to crop

i know how to crop

first of al buddys are stupid
and ur animations aswell…
if u whanna make a aniation…use FLASH!