first look RUNESCAPE!

This was a picture of original runescape lol

srry if this has been posted before i havent seen it on here

ya i have seen it but not here

It was called Devious Mud and it was only out for about six days then Jagex cancelled that and made RSC

look on and look up runescape and it is there is actually a very good rs info site

so is wikipedia

ya i no answers get its articles from wikipedia and other sites

lol battle of the sites

Wow, I’ve never seen that before… You have to admit, runescape has come pretty far.

thanks dude ive never seen that pic, o and where did he come up with the name devious mud?

lot better nowadays lol i just wouldn’t have played that

nice that looked uber cool

hmm…that sure wasnt as laggy as runescape these days xD

The picture doesn’t seem to show up for me. Maybe, it’s just because I’m at school.

wow that pretty sweet :smiley:

thats odd…never saw before

Thank god rs dosent look like that barfs into toilet jees thats poor Graphix i wud have preferd a side scroller

it kinda makes u appreciate the graphice we have now in runescape…

wow i never saw that. looks like it’s inproved alot over the years :smiley:

Thats DM, it was out before rs.

I just looked these up on and and I found this picture. What’s significant about it is, is look at the private chat and whose name do you see there?

runescape is still prospering. only much slower than i thought it might intend to rise.

aww man, the gold old days :sigh: