First pixel

This is my first pixel, Im not good at shading or almost anything with pixels. It was made off of paint to, and im a boy :P.

Dude. I’ll make a list, shall I? (Sorry for the small flame)

  1. Don’t use the spray brush.
  2. Use black lines, the building’s ones are a dark green.
  3. Make the building on a flat surface, and if you can’t make it level anyway.
  4. The plank lines aren’t straight.
  5. Bad font.


Theres nothing wrong with using the spray can, its just easy dithering.

I use it all the time…

Digit, lol Ill flame myself and agree with ya :P.

Not Bad dude.

i lol’d 2/10

0/10 no effort at all

i dont know what is bad about it but it just is… really bad

Rofl that looks funny!
Nice job, your good!
You use ms paint?