first pk trip (f2p)

well thins was the first time i ever when pking and it was on a new pure mage i made “wizzard pars” and this is wat i managed to get i started with 550 minds and 1100 airs.

soz i didnt get picks of the kills but i only just fort of puting it on when i finished

i think i was level 13 when i took it but i have leveld a bit more down in the prison so not 100% shore.

Cool, must of been fun.

Ring round the things you gained if you can remember what they were.

yer not bad if he was lvl 13

nice what’s your mage level?

What did you get?

Around the same stuff I got on my pure mage. When u get bind u really start owning in low lev wildy

aim for 35 magic thats a good first target then shoot up to 59, 40 range helps mage’s bad def

must have been quite gd