First proper sig ! ~ ! ~ ! ~ !

I know its rubbish compared to u guys but its my first proper one EVER, so plz give advice rather than hate it.

try to get a better progreamn like photo shop or GIMP cause ms paint is basically only good for pixel sigs.
but funny 7/10

Thnaks for the encouragement
porves only 1/19 is an optipist

hmm… nice spelling with the mouse… that’s 1pt, finding two pictures that go together thats 4pts, a picture that doesn’t make sense -1pt, it is funny so that’s 2pt’s, not much detail pu tinto making it a better sig -2pt…

out of 10pts
-3pts +7pts = 70% - 7/10

Ok, here’s some Constructive Critism.

Nice border - 2p
Kewl text - 2p
As Adam would say, “No pixel font! :D” - 1,5p
The renders you put in are cool - 2,5p
Renders not blended - -1,5p
Plain background (no background) - -1,5p
Text could be better -1p
It’s your first signature - 3p

Overall - 7/10