First simple sig rate

I think its pretty good what do u say c/c pl0x

When adding ScanLines and Dottes Erase some important parts of the render. Then set the layer to Soft Light and then drop opacity to your liking.

Put the scanlines underneath the render layer.

Eh, its alright. Background is bland, and the scan lines look bad.

I love the sig, how do you do the scanlines!
Anyways I rate the sig 10/10, nice job!

Ty guys for the advice and the perfect from nestor
And kevin erasing render makes it gross

Not if you do it correctly. Only to blend it.

No comment.


thanks for nothing arc well i updated it:

I like the second version a LOT better.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that the pixel text looks blurry. Make sure anti-aliasing is off, and it’s above all the other layers. Other than that, looks great!

Best sig I’ve seen from you yet!

this is madd off topic but can some one gimme a link to that text plz

update better…good c4d usige…if that is c4

ty man what u rate it 9/10? i did a weird blending thing see the stuff
around the render i actaully stroked one pixel in the sig color