first try at a vector sig *think its vector*

cc plz.

bump because no-one replied lol.

I call that lines on a background with writing and a picture.

Use the pen tools if you want to make a vector.

Oooo I like it!

Good Things
[ul][li]Looks like a vector.[*]Nice render![/ul]
So, 8/10! :yes:

well it could of been hard to do the shadow. i like it, 8.8/0

nice, 8.7/10

wow thanks guys…

im gonna trying using the pen tool…i was using a brush called outline for the back ground lol.

Not particuarlly vector, vector is more circles and dots and that kinda stuff…

Nice shadowing
Neat lines
Good choice of colors

Too much writing
A bit overdone

Total: 7/10 but if it was like ur tenth 5/10