Flail or Whip

I’ve been training to get 70 attack and I’ve gotten close and I’ve been wondering if I should get a Flail or Whip, what do you think?

Whip, no doubt about it.

whip…u have to keep on repairing flail

~:masked: Flip

Depends on how much money you have. If you have enough to buy a whip then take it. If not then take a flail.

When I hit 70 I’ll start getting the money for either one

Whips is fast and strong. Go for it! :smiley: Good luck on 70+ Attack! :smiley:

Thank you :smiley:

whip!!! it looks so much better and you don’t have to repair.

Whippy whippy my dippy…o.0


lol who picked fail whip = 0wn4g3 =)

whip, flail is almost useless without the rest of the barrows set

whip, flail keeps on breaking and stuff

flails can break =0

omg whips own flail!

flail only if u get the verac armor that goes with it but if no verac armor then whip even no there not that good

With full Verac, The flail is better, if not, then whip :spin:

I’d say whip, unless you get full set with flail

Whip all the way… !