flamming on msn

i have to deal with these kinda people everyday

slip, why dont you show them what u wrote?

Hmmmm, i agree… :lol:

here it is (tha video)


Yeah, I’m going to have to agree. For some reason I have to believe that you brought that upon yourself. You’ve been a person who likes to start conflict, at least of what I’ve seen on runescaperealm.
So yes, do show the whole conversation - I’d like that… then we’ll all know who’s to blame for “foul language” instead of just assuming that FaNtAsYsHaDo is a jerk.

watch the video, i said omg then said nvm and he said it all


Trust me, there was a conversation before that.


and he was trying to black-mail me :wink:

wel i asked for permission and u cut off lol from what u said
u can lock/delete this post now

Wait, can’t you control who you talk on MSN? If you and him don’t get along then you could always block him or something unless you can’t do that on MSN…

yah i said lol after that coz i was laughing at how low some ppl can gooooo :lol: