Flash Signatures/Avatars

  1. Size restriction on Avatar and Signature Images - The maximum size for signatures is 640 width by 250 height (this includes the text below it) with a maximum file size of 30kb . Spacing and line breaks do not matter as long as its not excessive. If the total of the images and the text size is 250 then the size is acceptable. The maximum size for avatars is 90 width by 90 height with a maximum file size of 10kb.

If your signature block is a few pixels bigger than this it is ok as long as the image sizes and text pixel size does not exceed 250 px. Admins reserve the right to make final judgements on signature size.

Thats all fine and dandy (not like its enforced) but judging by the new flood interval, we’re trying to cut down on wasted bandwidth and reduce the lag some people experience around here?

Well, flash ava’s and sigs (especially) just add to the horrid load times, much more than the text of random posts do, even if the posts are multiple pages. There are more than a few members (who are at least semi-active, enough so to the point where this is really a problem) who have outrageously large signatures (yes, I PMed a mod, so don’t bother telling me to do so), and some that combine them with flash ava’s and even double flash. I’ve got a fairly nice PC, and I still get pretty bad screen lag when I’m scrolling through pages of posts and all of a sudden 2 members with all of this animation in their posts come up in a row and my PC has to load all that garbage. Sure, it may look decent, I may even like it, but since I’ve been here RSR hasn’t been about flashyness, its been about content (no more proof of this need be provided than the wood theme, lol).

Why, all of a sudden, is it becoming harder to access the content (flood interval) yet we leave people who have signatures half the size of my screen (17inch monitor set at 1280 resolution) to post and post away, wasting more load time than people clicking a link.

Heh, I’m such a squeeky wheel :smiley:


Well as long as its under 30kb limit animated sigs should be fine. I mean I don’t think duke will care if your sig is a few pixels over but it must be within reason. Having Animated avatars isn’t really a good idea as they have to be pretty small anyway.