Flashing Sig?

Can anyone make me one of those flashing sigs? HMD style.

Text- Notorious Designs \ Join!!

Please and thanks!



Can you center the text?

Just move ND over a bit, and join under it. Thanks :smiley:

I guess HDK got here before me. I will let him do it, If he doesn’t do it by tomorrow i’ll do it cause I know how just look at my sig for like 1 minutes and your eyes will burn.

Doesn’t matter. Still do it :tongue:

oh u can do loke i dont feel like rebooting gimp and starting over (yes sometimes im lazy)

Lol, sound like me :tongue:

Please loke :smiley:


You better like it!!!:knockout:

Thanks :slight_smile: Time to annoy people :tongue:

Omg, You should rename this thread “Free Epileptic Seizures”. Flashing signatures are the most annoying yet they stand out from the rest which is why people use them I suppose.