fleching anything up to mage shorts

ill flech free good thing to alch or get free arrows if u get supplies can make up to mage shorts almost rune darts k if you want to ill do it pm me

high alch:
yew long - 768 each
mage short- 960 +
doing just for exp will high alch for you if u want
get supplies ill make anything u want sept long mage bows

i have 15k norm logs. if you wnat to fletch them into shafts, you can do it for me. 1k at a timeā€¦


(i have 85 fletch, but i just hate making shafts)

sure ill do it just getting fleching up anything helps as you would know
im not on now but add me my rs name is same as here monkseatfish

can u make me a mage short (with bow string)

tell me how much u want 4 it : 8) :x 8O

you get the stuff itll be free other wise 2k