Fnaa's Lettering Styles

:eye-poppi hello Fellow Runescapers :eye-poppi
Its Time i show rsr (A.K.A. Gamerzrealm) my lettering. These are all made by me so dont say theve been copyed or ive ripped em coz i didnt!

If you dont belive me dont but here are all my type. Made 100% by me.
Not made by www.cooltext.com if thats what your thinking lol just look at my work :smirk:
1st Style: made on paint
2nd style: made on paint & Photo shop CS :irked:

^ clicky :eye-poppi

^ clicky :eye-poppi
um second one is just a font thats been liquayfied :swirl:

I looooooooove the second one
More Comeing Soon!

oh i like them very much i agree wif u the second one!

ty lol ur the first to post…omfg u posted in eveyr god dam topic… good on ya m8 :smiley:

Err, why would I think you would get them from coolfonts.com? I’ve never heard of the site before.

I like the first font, alot! The second one isn’t all that great, though.

^ agreed, i hate the second one <3 the first

ty =D i hate second one to im gonna make more XD