for the love of all that is good and right

…Please put an end to having 3 or 4 or 5 signature images. It’s ridiculous when I look at a page and see 1 line of text, followed by half a window of signature images, then another line of text, then a page of sigs, then a line of text.

It makes the page messy and annoying. Rather than showing off your sigs, it makes people annoyed at them.

Please, limit yourself to one signature image. If you must use more than one then CYCLE them…either with an animated gif or change it weekly, but please, just one sig image per person!

So thats just for one sig image right? Text sigs u can have right? ahh yea i guess too many sigs do get confusing and annoying.

No, text sigs should be short to. It would be nice if Duke limited the amount of space for sigs–not based on character lenght, but on the space it takes up in the view.

Ohh yea…i see ur point. i suppose that would be better to limit how much space is viewed in a sig.

Is um…my sig too big mr. Keyser person?

~ ewok

I like all my sigs :frowning: But I guess I have to much :frowning:

Yeah it does get annoying reading and having to scroll down every post because of the sigs, so I do think there should be a limit. By the way do I does anyone think my sigs take up to much space because I think mine are pretty small compared to some other peoples…just wondering if anyone thinks so.

i had to delete 4 of my sigs.a mod told me too

i think we should have a limit of 2 reasonable sigs. at a time. cuz if their a reasonable size then it doesn’t really hurt plus thered only be 2 of them…

Do I have too many? I think I’m gonna make a new, smaller sig to replace my stat sig. That should help :smiley:

~:darkside:~ Michaelks

but really, why should everyone listen to you when you ‘demand’ (no disrespect keyser).
if duke put a limit then people would stick by it…but not if i or you or any other person (except for mods).

if you want something to be done, i suggest you pm duke, and discuss it, not just post and tell everyone else, i am keeping my sigs…until the time which duke may say 1 or 2 sigs per person, oh…and my sigs are for charity, so i shall not remove any, even at dukes command.

Guys, check out:

It says there is a sig limit now! So n0 more big sigs :wink:

:gangster: ~Raven

WOOT! All hail DUKE

is mine ok… all i got is 2 pics…

Well, click on the link to the post by Duke, he shows what size your signature is allowed to be…with all pics and graphics taken into consideration

T_T… Well there goes all of my Geminiman sigs… Aww… Oh well… I got a solution… But sorry to those who have worked hard on making those sigs… I’ll get them back online…

You have to admit is so much nicer when sigs are tiny

Not really…i liked seeing how people express themselves with their sigs. Just not Gigantic…now we have to make the sigs too small i think.

NO, it’s not too small. There is a very generous allotment of space for sigs. People can express themselves as much as they want. They can change their sigs every day as well. It’s absolutely stupid for somone to be allowed to have 4 or 5 images that take up an entire screen. After we have all seen the images once or twice, then we know them. It’s time for a change anyways.

I dont mind so much as the sigs arent huge, or too many!