Fort Minor

Ahh, Fort Minor. Probably the only rap I like. I mainly like it because Mike Shinoda, former Pianist/Vocalist/Sound of Linkin Park. I highly doubt anyone has heard of it, so listen to them:
Fort Minor Website
Well, post your opinions on Fort Minor :P.

Never heard of them… I’ll have to check them out some time.

Yeah, they’re pretty good.

rap=Retards Attempting Poetry. I have not yet found good rap… if such a thing exists.

I agree with that most of the time. However, I do like Fort Minor.

ZOMG I my self actaully enjoy rap… Just my opinion. I think it’s good and all… But some is rubbish.

But this… Double ZOMG! I gotta buy like their CD, gosh! Or downlaod some of their songs from iTunes… This is tight. I like the song Remember The Name.


Yeah, they are REALLY good. Their CD, The Rising Tied comes out soon. I’ll be sure to buy it :P. I like petrified the best.


Their CD comes out on the 22nd, and I CANNOT WAIT!

You can also listen to their CD, before it comes out at;

Pujols… this owns =D

Believe me!

Edit: Notice they have a link on the LP site?

Edit2: The 1220/In the End scares me.

Glad you like it :bouncy:.

Yeah, it’s on

Izzo/In The End is a scary song :stuck_out_tongue:

They used the same font as LP =P

Yes, Mike Shinoda is Linkin Park’s back-up vocalist/sound specialist. Linkin Park took a “break”, but they are having another CD in Mid '06.

Do you know what its called?

What what’s called?

The new LP album…

Who cares about Linkin’ Park? :rotfl: Just joking… It’s all about Fort Minor. Anyways, the new Fort Minor album is called “The Rising Tied.”

And about their album on MTV, I have already listened to it, twice… :smiley:

My favorite song is Back Home, besides Remember The Name and Petrified.

Nope, it wont be known for a while.

My favorites are, Petrified, Believe Me, and Where’d you go.

I know Fort Minor. I really like the music video “believe me”, but that’s the only song I have ever heard of them