Forum Request

I had to ask eventually. I need another catergory which I want between ‘Age of Empires III’ and ‘Ages Past’ called Replays.


– RoA News
– Staff Forum
Age of Empires III
– General
– Online Strategy
– Suggestions
– Clans
– Campaign
– Hardware
– Empires
---- British
---- Dutch
---- French
---- German
---- Ottoman
---- Portuguese
---- Russian
---- Spanish
– User Submitted (Description: Come and submit your own replay!)
– Upload a Replay! (linked to Loading...)
Ages Past
– Age of Empires I
– Age of Empires II
– Age of Mythology

Now with the Upload a Replay! link. I wanted to know whether you prefer people uploading to via Loading... or whether they attach it to their post. It would seem more professional if they attached it to their post plus it would make my part of the server less cluttered.

If you have a suggestion, then by all means, post.

I think forum based would be easier for all.

Should replays really be its own category, or pat of Aoe III

Ok forum based it is. Just allow people to upload .age3rec

Well, I’m thinking that having its own catergory, it might stand out and get noticed a bit more.

Added file type, see if it works

KK, I’ll do a demo post now…