found a whip :) is the page for what i got when i say a pile of stuff by green dragons because i sa a whip i didn’t wanna lose time for it dissapears and the stupid thing is that he had sharks with him that dumass

Omg…you’re so lucky…

omfg your so lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

Lucky git? , or is it fake…

Wow you are insanely lucky lol. Are you going to sell it or keep it?

no this is not fake and i am gonna keep the whip

u should sell for 9.7mill, then buy back for 7mill!! thats 2.7mill profit!!!
so i reckon just market it to get heapsa money. world 2 fally gardens.
sickmate 8)

every 1 knows that the whip is 8mil so i cant sell it for more and buy it for les

…sigh (lol)
world 2 fally gardens, ive seen it go for 7, and 11, so u CAN market it.
sickmate 8)

You are very lucky…congrats about your new whip…

:slight_smile: yep pretty lucky to get a whip without pkin or stakin or spending money… :smiley:

wow nice find, good thing u cought it intime

Wow, lucky you… you are dam flippin’ lucky… i would be satisfed if i found like full rune (although i am not a newb), if i found a whip i would train strength then and there!!!

wow your are lucky!

omg u r so luck nice work where did u get it

good for u.

he found it at green dragons lvl 13 wildy i am a friend of the lucky noob

whoh! you are one lucky lucky guy