Four (minus one) animations #2, This time there's some Pure Action!

Okie, heres some Pivot Stickfigure animations!

1: Closed Room
Guy is closed on room and cant get out… Lol.

2: Size Matters Not
Little guy beats big guy. Nothing special unlike the next one.

Gar-Ef Action I: Searching Mummy
Gar-Ef, the best ninja ever, is searching his father who is a mummy. (lol)
This is made by me and Effi360 and Sir Eetu140 Helped a little.
I animated, Effi360 helped and both made up ideas for it. It needed was it 431 frames…

Hope you liked them! (Only 3 because 3rd was made with LOT of effort)

Just made it with Effi360… 450 frames of action, blood, and suffering.

NOTICE!!! : Sorry about those bullets stucking in the air, we forgot to scroll to left. :wink:

lol the 3rd one is funny!! the guy catches the nife and throws it back but it misses and then some random guy just falls down with a nife in his head!! lol

Yeah I’m so proud of it… It even became better when it was converted in .Gif format…
Other comments? Please people reply if u watch them… ;(

great the last one is fantastic!!

the last one went really slow for me…but it was cool!

how do you make such long animations? with my computer it only lets me save it as a gif only if I don’t make too long…If its longer than a certan amout of frames then it messes up and I have to restart my computer…and 431 frames is alot!

Yes it is…

I just make them, I can’t guess whats the problem if you can’t… Too bad…

Part II Ready! 450 Frames of Action

ok here is what my problem is…I wish I didn’t have that problem though…my best animation I can’t upload =(…every one that I showed it to laughed…and now I can’t save it as a gif. or upload it =’(

Hmm… I dont know what you should do about it sorry, I would really want to see it :frowning:
Theres link to Gar-Ef Action II BTW if you want to see it…

sorry I wasen’t able to see your full animation…my comp woulden’t process it or something…but what I saw of it was cool…it froze when those guy came down from the ceiling

Too bad… =( It was really a succesful animation except the start where they play with swords…

ok I went to a diferant comp and now I saw the whole thing…10/10…to bad Mr. ninga had to die though lol

man ur well good
and the 3rd 1 is well funny

He didnt die, just fell unconsicuossicnoerifureiesi HOW IS ThaT FRIGIN’ WORD TYPED…
Anyways, he escapes from prison in the 3rd part. Its ready though im not able to add it here yet…