Freaking awesome prize from crystal key!

Well I was training at fires tonight and happened to get two half keys which fit together to make a crystal key. I used it on chest and got this!

Nice ONe!! COngrats! And thanks for telling me where the darn chest is!! =) lol


nice stuff you got

kick arse man thats awesome :smiley:

Haha no problem man :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, You Draw Good Stares At Sigs Heh…Heh…HEHEHE…Heh…Heh?


I didn’t draw them the guy that I said thanks for the sigs underneath them did :stuck_out_tongue:

oohh!!! kk THanks

Now, where is sturaiku and his “Egg Maze ing” Art!

Hooray For Edumacation!!


Congrats on the loot! :slight_smile:
I thought all you got was a dragonstone?

sumtimes u only get the dragonstone but sumtimes u get a lots of other gems but no dragonstone…then there are ones like birjelman posted…

Oh, I didn’t know that, thanx.

wow them iz cool

Wow! People go on about it but I actually haven’t seen anyone unlock it! I guess randomness turned your way, congratulations!

:smiley: well well well, not bad congratz on that
u seem a bit hyper btw :wink:

really cool loot you got there, i only got dragonstone and saphire lol

no I’m pretty sure you get dragonstone no matter what. Everytime I’ve unlocked it I’ve gotten one. Anyone buying a dragonstone by the way lol?

I love it when that happens, the first time it did to me i had a friend make me a Rune Kite lol

Good work, that is quite lucky…But somehow you earned it… lol…
anyways i guess u got “good luck”…

IT gives u dragon stone uncut 100% of the time

I got a loop end of the crystal key once for free from the mysterious old man pop up and swapped for rune pick lol i needed a rune pick again badly, congrats :slight_smile: , the pictures abit small…