Free 900k For Sport

Another obby :smiley:

Woot nice Pk. You been pking a lot lately and doing pretty darn good for yourself.

What do you wear and use if I may ask?

wow! tahts teh pur3 l337 0wn@g3 rite there! great jareb! wish i could do that…

gratz lucky too with the ring of life in pile =P
good job p2p pking

thats pwons, but what are climbing boots and where do you get them

full rune
berserker helm
glory ammy
zammy cape
obby shield
recoil ring
addy gloves
dds for specials

werent you just at the law altar crafting laws world 66?

yes…rcing is my specialty :veryhappy

yea i kept saying “Sport , i want yer babies,” but you didnt answere =( i was getting laws for meh pure lol

any time babes :wink:

haha lol woohoo =)

nice work, i wish i could pk at all.

Nice lil pk you got there :wink:

I always thought low-level p2p pking gotcha nothin but a waste of food, guess I was wrong after seeing your low level 0wn4g3 pks.

phr33 obb13 Sh131d p10x.

sporty’s on fiahh!!!

thats like totally no life nerd ish.

gratz. and in total that isnt 900k.

600k,60k,40k,55k,60k, so 800k ish.

Nice kill and shield, gratz.

nice pk !!!

nice work :slight_smile:

want to share?? :slight_smile:

all that work to prov me wrong by 100k? Find something better to do