Free Bar Smithing, Read First!

I have 1k steel bars, i will trade for 1k iron and 2k coal, i will smelt the ores and repeat process, i will do this for free and will soon have 2k steel bars, no rip offs and u get the bars on the spot. I will smith only steel since that is all i have. PLEZ CONTACT ME HERE THEN ONLINE RS.

Rs Name:Linquidator

I’ll do it! Tell me when you are ready.

I will also. RSn is in Sig.

Me too: RSN: Dries_1991

I was first. ANd I’ll keep you busy for up to 100k bars.

PM me when you are ready for the first trade.

kk, i have 2k coal and 400 iron, i will mine the rest of iron then smelt. After Keyser i will do all the rest of you, thanks.

Ill also do it if your still interested

i can do jobs like dat for u