free full dragon plz(true story)

most of you know the abyass bug(if u don’t know it, don’t bother to ask, it was fixed)
this guy get full dragon out of it, he was banned because of bug abuse,

but i feel sry fo rthe one who lost it, i mean the guy got banned so? he didn’t get his stuff back, oh well, i hope he don’t kill himself

edit: oh shit, move to runescape, if it bother you, i forget, honest mistake

This is Blinks pic…i wouldve asked her before using it.
And the guy who died got his full dragon back but the guy who abused the bug was banned.

Haha you should change the title… I thought of something else when I first saw it… But that dude deserved to be banned, because of bug abuse… Also it’s a shame for such a god account go to waste though… And now that I think of it, that dude’s an idiot for posting the picture on the internet! I mean come on… How stupid can you get?!


Blink posted this already… And Chaos, she’s a girl…

Ohh yea i knew that…seriously i did. i get confused now cus in her Pk pics now shes a guy…cus of the RS women updates…

ya blinks a girl…and even if he took it from blink…its still a good find, but u shouldnt take from other ppls pics…

and how blink get that picture?, through the same source i get it from, and she is a girl, well good luck for the guy to get his full dragon back

Theknight… The guy got his full dragon back, chaosnoob said… And if it was originally Blink’s picture, you should have asked her to use it (I really don’t know who’s it is, or where it came from.)


Yeah, I heard from the Tip.It forums that he got his drag back or something…I dunno what happened to Stef68, his stats aren’t on the highscores which usually means a person got banned or something bad. :(.

and how blink get the picture?
the same way i did, so sdfu, i am not stealing her things

whats the abyss bug if you dont mind me asking?

The abyss was an extended wilderness but no skull showed up, and everyone who enters has an automatic skull, but that’s not there either.

Knight, we all lose stuff pk-ing, we all get hacked, but we go and do something about it. True or not, no one’s gonna give you free full dragon. Go and get another set yourself.

ahh who cares he lost his full d never really concidered the problems.

Lost the d to a abusser ok

ABusser banned ok

who cares they got what they deserved if he could afored full d then he can now idk :slight_smile:

I bet the guy that lost the full dragon was hitting himself over the head at first… but I’m glad he got it back. But banning the other guy is a little harsh… I mean if you saw someone with full dragon, and you could attack them, and they were weaker than you, wouldn’t it be a little tempting to do?