Free lvl 75+ Fletching

This is Deatharmada’s free fletching shop.
Needless to say, my Runescape name is Deatharmada, and I am currently 78 Fletching.

What I’ll fletch
-Any arrows
-Bows Willow or above.

For the amount of arrows you want, bring me:
Normal logs, each log is 15 arrows.
The same amount of feathers as arrows.
Either arrows heads, or bars, each bar makes 15 arrows. (I can’t smith addy or rune, so I need arrowheads for those.)

Bring me:

Please post here if you need anything.

bump =\

how many magic long bows would you be willing to make?
will you take flax or does it have to be string?

Keyser… Redphat and some other stuff?
Can’t make magic longs, I’ll hook you up with a fletcher though.

yes i have a red phat and other stuff… have we traded before?

thanks, just shoot me his name