free membership

hi guys i just wana say that the membership is nonsence because of game you have to pay money?nonononononjnonononononoonoononon.
i wana say that the membership should be free because not everybody can pay for it!!!

                  YOU CAN FIND,
                   YOU CAN DYE.
                  SO HAVE THE TREASURE,
                 OR GOODBYE[/b][/quote]

Wow. This is a pointless post. How would Jagex stay in business if nobody paid? I can guarantee that the ad’s don’t pay them very well, so they need members to PAY in order to keep the game up and running. You should be thankful that you can at least have a chance to play it for free. Most MMORPG’s are only for people who pay to play - not many have the F2P version.

lol that was usless to wright i mean if u like it then its ok and its only 7 bucks a month

you put this in screenshots, and if u dont wanna pay, stop complaining about it cuz your 2 cheap or your mommy wont let u

Locked, go try saying that to Jagex :wink: it would be funny to see what they say back.