free messed up pixel giveaway

was just playing pest control… did this with lines only
Anyone to post my rangers name gets it…

let me guess
blinks pure

thats my main… extremely close…blinks…

i was talking to u on rs(saw u there) but u kept ignoring me

do i win? *

sorry lol… i was busy trying to fight pest’s… i wasnt ignoring you.
blinksranger… system… you can have it if you want idk… its ugly i think lmao

i honestly think that everyone on here that thinks they’re good at pixel art, needs to wake up and smell some coffee. Most of the “pixel art” in people’s sigs would be considered junk by people that take the stuff to a more serious degree.

except for chaos tayoko or The unknown, Same person

what the hell… bruce… did i say i was good ? whats your probelm… trying to get post count up posting irrelevant info… go elsewhere

i don’t know what i’m thinking. just seeing different people do images like that and then others saying it’s good…it sorta ticks me off. Whatever i felt wasn’t directly aimed at you. And about postcount, i really could care less. I post when i have something to say, weather it be relivent or not.

lol… i know exactly what you mean… not saying everyone who post’s there work receive the same negative thoughts… no one in this post actually did comment on it.

thats the first time ive seen a pixel like that lol

statement: it certainly is… unique. but it does look good, for a meatbag’s art. statement: lol, im doin my hk-47 impression from KOTOR 2, while commenting, lol. statement: it is quite good, actually. keep up the work, meatbag. lol.