Free nats

I have decided to share my runecrafting abilities with the world. For members only, I will make you nats if you supply the ess. Post here if you are interested.

I will not be making large amounts for only 1 person. So if you have a lot, you better hope there is someone else. If it is only like a few hundred, then I will make them. So like I said, leave a message here and I will get back to you.

Could i get around 300 nats? I will provide the ess of course.

Can I get 2K from my Rune Eccence? Thanks.

are you going to contact us on the game about it icedearth?

can i get 300 nats plz of course ill supply the ess

Like I said in my opening post, you have to be a member mrme. And for you birjelman and azgolar, set a time and date the two of you can both go there with me to do it faster.I am a very busy person and don’t want to have to go there and do it one day and then the next.

can you make laws? Ifnot i just wanr 200 nats. If yes I want 200 nats and 100 laws

No I can’t make laws and if I could I wouldn’t. And you are going to bring me the ess to make into nats. I’m not giving away nats for no reason.

i read that i forgot to say ill be a member on friday so if you are willing to wait that would be great.

i need a lot of them and i got a alot of ess

Like I said, all of you make a date and time you agree on and that will be when I make them for all of you. I’d rather make a ton of nats one day instead of making only some one day and then making some the next.

O yea, I forgot to say that I am pretty much always buying more ess. The prices I pay go from 20-25 each depending on how much you have.

azgolar when do you want to have him make our nats?

Your gonna regret that, i have 32k ess to use :slight_smile: ill only get 3k of it naturalized if you can handle it tho LOL

Ded, you know your ess are always welcome for my making. Just give me a date and time you can help run them for me and we can make them for you.

is everyone okay with next sunday the 19th???

icedearth since you can’t make laws, and i have the ess wanna do it tonite or tommorow i changed to how bout 500 nts?

icedearth i have an idea…why dont you pick a time (convenient to you) and then whoever cant meet the time doesnt get natures?

Not a bad idea, it won’t be for a few days though. I have 5000 air runes and 4000 mind runes to make for a friend. It is pretty easy considering I get 5x air runes and 4x mind runes.

wow…wish my runecraft was that good…its only 31 at the moment!

ill buy nats if you make them i need 25k nats plz sell!!!i buy 350 each