Free Sig Shop - By 007Even


mods will u plz lock this?

could i have one of a stormy background, wiv ‘didelydonkey’ fading in and out plz?

well here it is…

the URL is here:

Here’s the pic:

u like it? its to bad i dont do animations yet… :frowning:

did u like it?

hey will you make me a sig??? if you will. i would like it to have flame background and say Source19 and quote “try and kill me,I dare you”
writing i would like italic. oh and if you would, would you add a buddy? alls i want is black armour and black kiteshield and sword. i dont care about the other details. (you choose). thanx. note:i am very picky.
but the other sig you made for someone was good which is why i am asking.

you already said you would make one. i had typed this out before i read that. as you see i made a few changes. i dont care which kind you make. but thanks if you make a sig for me.

lol i posted it in ur own thread already

dude you gtta make the sigs smaller!!!

They are so huge and the maximum size of that last one was about 11x more than its supposed to be!

star wars sig plz

seriously 007even will you plz resize that sig??? cuz if not, i am not going to use it
because that is just to big…

andre… im right on it

and source… ill do it after i finish this one, ok?
ill make ya a brand new 1


heres the pic and url

wow. thanks 007even i think the new sig is even better than the one before!!

=) np, thnx for doing that “created by 007even:” thingy :slight_smile:

hey can u make me a sig of runescape sign in page and where it says runescape in the runes put damandan44…you would have to add another rune tho

Hey dude! your sigs are sweat!! could you please make 2 sigs for me.
here is how i would like them:

Number 1: like ur ‘heros guild’ one above, but Champians guild. (i’m a newb :D)

and Number 2:(3rd smalest size Possible) ‘Blue Flames’ Background saying:


Saradomin Is The Key.
(wobbley Red Writing)

Ty For everything!!

(also explain how to download the sig please)

Saradomin for ever!