Free Sig You know you want it!

It’s free!!!

its just playing ugly srry rate: 2/10

I know :wink: But it’s free!

and you stole it from another site where i saw it to!

Umm…no I just made this 5 mins ago. Show me the link, no link, no proof.

then you didn;t stole it it just some nicked backgroun then put a pic of that dog on it borrring and so easy

Umm ^you^ I would be quiet. You don’t even know what I use. That took about 15 mins. to make. I didn’t copy the background then put the picture in. I had to layer it and all that stuff.

i saw most of your posts they where just to get attention and you are really just posting senseless spam into Our BELOVED RsR and that makes me MAD!!!

Rofl. Another ripper…

What is your problem? Every signature I make I’m accusing of stealing it and then usuing microsoft paint to fix it. What do you want me to do record each signature I make in Photoshop 7.0? Geez!

its just playing ugly nobody will want it if they put it on there sig let me know i want to see how funny it is rofl lol

lol kevin K I’ll tell you. It’s free!

guys guys… At least give him some credit!!! at least he made it

Thanks you very much Sptcrt2000. It’s free I’m just displaying it if anyone wants it.

yea i understand what youre doing… I hate when people SPAM into your topic!!!

ok then srry

whu cares if the sig is corny… Its called “”""“EDIT”"""???


I don’t see why anyone would a sig with a picture of a dog like that…

Nice sig though.

Sheesh, quit making yourself so mad.


Like I said and this is the last you will hear it from me, this sig if free.

Any1 can Edit that to make it betta