Free Smelting/Smithing Services

My runescape status: member (approximately 2.5 months remaining)
My smithing level: 64
My short-term smithing level goal: 85
My long-term smithing level goal: 99

I’m trying to get my smithing level up, so I’m offering free services.

I will only do iron ore or gold ore.

Iron ores:
you give me ---- (1 ring of forging) OR (1 ruby ring and 1 cosmic rune) OR (1 ruby, 1 bar of gold and 1 cosmic rune) for every 140 iron ores you give me
i give you ---- iron bars back, 1 for each ore you give me

Gold ores:
you give me ---- gold ores
i give you ---- gold bars back, 1 for each ore you give me.
(Special note: I will also give you 50gp for each gold bar you want me to smith.)

I can currently make up to Mithril 2-hand swords.

The deal is this. You tell me what you want me to make, and I will make it using my own bars. Then I’ll trade you for the same number of bars required to make that item or else the ores required to make the bars for the item.

For example, you want a mith 2h sword. I will make it, and trade you back for 3 mithril bars, or else 3 mith ores and the required number of coals used to make it into bars.

currently have enough permanent suppliers
may re-open this thread again if i lose a few and need more

edit to add: I reserve the right to refuse your great generosity if you ask me to smith you 100k bars worth of arrowheads or anything similarly huge :wink:

I might need some of your services. Let me be 100% sure and I will PM you. Also, I will need LOTS of it if I happen to start it.

Alright, let me know ahead of time what exactly you will be wanting/needing. I’m not one who plays rs non-stop 24/7, being in university and busy with classes, and such, but I’ll do what I can in the time I have.


Currently not taking more orders

I have a few people who’ve contacted me already.
Thank you for your interest, all the same.