Free smithing, mining, crafting

(Only non-member)
Leather: Give me leather/hardleather and I turn it into anything i can. (Craft lvl 41)
Jewelery: Give me gem (uncut/cut) and gold bar and i turn it into anything under ruby necklace/give me silver and i turn it into anything silver (Tiara/Holy Symbol)
Pottery: Give me clay and water/soft clay and i’ll turn it into any pottery
Woal: Give me your woal and I will spin it
Smetling: Give me your ores and I will smelt them (lvl 34 smithing)
Smithing: give me your bars and i will make them into things (Lvl 34 smithing)
Mining: give me 5 dwarven stouts and i get you 1 of any ore (lvl 36 mining)

1.Usualy on 37,17,or world 1
2. usualy on weekends and 6am (central time zone) after school.

Lol Ill do that. Hook me up with some rune ore. Ill give all the stouts you need. :smiley:

look at my levels so :liar::butthead: to you to

well im 63 mining, almost 64… so would i need 6 dwarven’s to get me to 70 lol
smithing is 53 in anyone needs help, either ill make the bars, you give em to me etc… skillzboi is my name usually on 37,17,3,5,1

lol no other way arround you give me the dwarven stouts for the ores… i get you the ores i’m happy and your happy…