"Free stuff" topics

Could people who are posting “free stuff” topics just to get people to click on a link or just to grab attention stop. I.E. Make a topic (“Free stuff!”) then tell people to click a link to get the stuff. This is mainly in response to the whole troutwar thing, but in general, it’s annoying, it takes up space, it’s disingenuous, and I’m sure it gives newbs a great impression of everyone here at RSR.

Could one of the misc. or global mods check the off topic forum periodically for this? That seems to be where they pop up the most.

Sorry if I sound like a mod, but jeeze! It is so incredibly annoying!

We could ban the trout war URL’s all together but that would cause BIG fights.

If the troutwar thing continues, someons should ban troutwar.

I remember an old thing that was like trout war. It said “(name) has eaten your brain. (name) has eaten x (number) brains so far. yours needed salt.” and it gave a keylogger that stole your rs password. If trout war is the same, it needs to be banned.

I remember that too… something with zombies.

but this goes for ANY free stuff topics. I’ve seen people type “FREE STUFF!!!” or somethin like that an dthen say “now that I have your attention, buying ____!” (fill in the blank) These topics are really anoying, and even after they’re locked, they clutter up the forums. It is so incredibly annoying!

EDIT: Could a mod at least make a sticky about the troutwar thing, if not about free stuff topics in general?

I still have no clue what this trout war thing is. I’ve heard tons about it but never went into the details. Someone wanna fill me in?

It’s some stupid little game-y thingy. Well, maybe it’s not stupid, but I fail to see the point of it…

It’s a competitive thing: You dign up for an account, then post a link somewhere. When people click on that link, they get somethin like “____ slaps you with a trout!” There’s a counter that keeps track of how many people have clicked the link. People like to try to get to a certain number before each other.

its this thing

Srry i just wanted to show iced And I Agree this thing is Really

I agree completely. People shouldn’t be using RSR just to annoy or harass others; I think we ought to ban those who do the Trout War thing because this is outrageous that anyone could be fraudulently sucked in like this.

Ok, any more of these troutwar things are banned. Warning shall be given out and the posts deleted.

Sorry that my reply isn’t related to the trout war thing but there’s also a lot of people that just reply to messages asking for free stuff… I just wanted to mention that cause instead of going through the trouble of making a new post asking for free stuff and having it locked or deleted, they just reply on topics that have people showing off their new skill achievements or bank sales and such… I think some of blink’s topics had people asking for free stuff and some few others… Just wanted to let you know that these messages aren’t just new topics but rather annoying replies that aren’t even related to the original topic…

Good thing the trout wars are gone.It could lead to flamming.

Well lucky i deleted it when i logged on because i wanted to replace it with my Homer Simpson phrase sig lol. Troutwar used to be a bit of fun but it was starting to get out of hand. Oh well they will just make another one of those stupid games like that zombie one people were talking about. Sounded a little more fun than this troutwar thing the zombie joke is funny. Thats all i gotta say. :slight_smile:

I hated the trout wars ! I d love when they are gone :o :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah i agree, those lame games where u have to click a link are sooooo boring…

sorry i dont agree i just think its a lil compition :lol:

So, If I a troutwar link in my sig I get a warning, whats the justification of that, it was meant as a joke, I do not see how, in any way it is offending, annoying sure. But who cares, I thought it was hilarious when I first looked at it. I don’t see how this is going to put a bad site stamp on RSR. Please explain to me how this is going to be a hassle. I understand that saying Get free stuff{link}Get free stuff, is wrong, but may I still have a trout war link in my sig?