Free website and other hosters.

Since a lot of the topics posted in this forum have been about Free web hosters and other hosters and how to make a website I thought we should make a list of them to help you people.

Free website Hosters:

Alot of people have also wondered how to make forums here are some free ones:

Free Image Hosters:

Other Hosters:

Post any other ones to add to the list.

There is also another website hoster:
Free Website

And for flashy sites:
Flashbuilder. It is great!

Free and unlimited uploads @ upload your images
Domain hosting @ angelfire/lycos

You forgot bravehost… Link here

Another free forum site is:

The Good :roll:
>Free website hosting
>Great site names still available
>Unlimited amount of pages
>Use Html/Xml OR a custom page builder

The Bad :evil:
>No upload space
>Not the usual .Com / .Net domains

yeah that a domain

and they dont use dns nomore

My suggestion for free web services and hosting would have to be; one of the best. Get webcounters, guestbooks, username / password gates, message forums, counters, and many more… MY FAVORITE PART of this site is the FREE ure redirtect… you can basically choose your own address and shorten it down… see my signature… You can also you it as a web hoster and get free hosting for a site via… The best part is… its 100% free! (for the free versions)

Hope this helps
J.T. is an excellent website builder! way better than freewebs

Tripod got lot banners and the top banner is :evil: i hate them! freewebs is lots better i got there a account it is i got on tripod a account before i know tripod freewebs best and always stay best!

A really good forum maker is I found about them when I was looking at the moriquendi clan forums, which run on that site.

What does a domain do?


What is the best free forum supplier?

I am looking for one with unlimited forums and posts, private messaging or private boards, also a good variety of styles.

The best free forum maker!

Apparently, a not so bad Image hoster site is which I found out that link through Lutenist… Apparently, you can host images in .gifs as well and the maximum size for each image is like 95ish megs or 100,000 KB to be exact… So yeah… I wouldn’t think the site would be that bad… But yeah… Just giving you that for another site that hosts images… For free as far as I can see…

i believe is another hoster for images.

I reckon this is the best hoster they are the best forum hosts can let you host your own site with c PANEL

Easy to make
Better than jcon but harder to understand:

There’s that you can get a free URL Domain name from, create a phpBB forums and they can host a website.