Friends list

I think that there should be some way of organizing your friends list. I personally have many friends with two accounts, and it’s hard to remember who is who. Something as simple as just drag and drop in the friends list would, I believe, help many people to keep their friends straight. Also, it would be easier to see who your “good” friends are, because you could have them at the top. Another thing (though probably not very popular of an idea) is that there could be a space next to the friends name where you could write SHORT comments about who they are… like how you know them, or if you owe them something etc…
Just a thought. Let me know what you all think :slight_smile:

ya man it would be a good thing to have

This would be good, you could hae your clan in one and such.

Not a bad idea… That acutally would be helpful for those with a lot of friends and such… I don’t have much friends I know on RS and stuff but I just recently joined a clan and so it would be nice to be able to organize which friends are in the clan and which one’s aren’t… Another person that might find this useful are people who have frequent customers for stuff so the guy can know which customer buys silver bars and which customers buys coal and well you get the point… Sorry if any of this was badly worded…

This would really help me out if they could do it. I give this idea 10/10.

Thanks for the replies all… keep 'em coming!
Ooh… Zeus. You think you could pull some strings (since you’re newspaper staff - congrats) and possibly get this idea recognized by some top dogs? Lol. not really, but it would be cool if my idea actually was used by Jagex.

Maybe have an option so that you can mass message people?

That would be an excellent idea Infiltrator,Maybe to announce to all your clan members that there will be a clan match or something in 3 hours…or maybe tell them all to go to castle of w\e.

i agree, i think it’s a great idea, and for ppl in clans, it would help them out a lot, instead of messaging ur clan members one at a time, u can message them all at once, that would save a lot of trouble, and u wouldn’t forget who ur friends are, or how u met them, etc.

Ah. Good call on the mass messaging system. Thanks for the replies people :slight_smile:

I’m surprised they haven’t added something like group private chat yet. I agree. It would help clans out a lot!

Yes, another very good idea for rs!

Alright, so people agree that the friends list could use an update. Now how do we get the folks at Jagex to hear this suggestion? If anyone knows how to send suggestions to Jagex, post here. There have been a bunch of other good suggestions that I have read about, but none ever seem to be used.

omg this idea is good
i dont think u can really contact jagex, they got no links on their site, or runescape.

der is a way to contack jagex about this idea

sickmate 8)

Yes 1colonel1, do tell how please :slight_smile: I think it would be cool if I could send them something about the idea. A little more info about how to contact them would be appreciated.
Thanks :slight_smile:

i dont think we should have more friends list…probably because i dont need any more room :roll:

to tell jages about ur idea, u must go to the runescape hompage and scroll down a tiny bit, click fourms and type ur name and yea. it will take you to a screen with different fourms much like the ones on RSR. find suggestions and create ur fourm.

that would help out a lot i keep on searching throught the list to see were my friends are and it takes forever.