Friends List.....

I have always wondered why jagex don’t let f2p players have as much friends list space as p2p. Its unfair how f2p players are only allowed limited friends. Its not like its changing the world by giving each f2p player an extra few spaces. What do ya think?

yeah f2p needs more stuff, members is bloated with stuff
sickmate 8)

no f2p has enough. its just the friends list. its like jagex is depriving us of creating friends.

or maybe they dont want us to have friends…

Maybe they want us to spend more time on computer instead of with friends…

Who thinks jagex are all computer nerds who never get off and don’t have a social life?

i think it’s cause they want u become members…

Thats obvisous but why did they pick the friends list???

The Friends list has nothing to do directly with the game.

uh cuz like well uh… wel none of us really know why the firends list is shorter maybe they fell asleep makin it and furgot?

The idea is for EVERYTHING to be better in members. Quests, skills, items, bank space, and yes, even friends list. The entire idea behind f2p is to tempt people into paying for members. Some people say that the only way to rid yourself of temptation is to yield to it, so I did. Lol.

Sorry for the double post, my computer did a weird doubletake when i submitted my post.