friends list

i think we should be able to put our frinds into groups so like you could have a group of friends and group of buyers/sellers and one for your clan i mean these are just exampls you make the name of the groups not JAQEX so if people want to have diffrent groups they can depending on your personality and language.

i hope every1 understands that well i got the idea from MSN if you use that it make this post make alot more sense:D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

i think this is a very good idea, and youd get to make your own groups

that would b a great idea
p.s hasnt this been brought up some time b4?

i dont know but i was getting realy anoyed with forgetting why i had added some1 and then having to ask them if thy remember u to find out wtf they are doing there.:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

great idea! should be the same with bank! siphon off some safety cash

so what? Just a realy lame idea from MSN messanger.

if you think it is realy lat ok but i already
pointed out it was like MSN so dont point
out sumin i sead already :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

just because ur ideas are STUPID doesnt mean this is lame…so stick ur abby (g) longsword to ur ***…this would help pretty much but i could handle without this too…


do it again ill tell a mod

That’s a great idea! I never remember why I have those peoples on my friends list, so I would be able to differenciate them. What a great suggestion! Submit it to Jagex and I hope they’ll accept it.

good idea i have like alot of peopel on my list and people pm me and im like hunh do i know you

maybe also on the list u can write a little note for a friend u dunt wanna forget sumthin about like “ur friends pure” or sumthin

The idea might be from MSN but it’s a good idea:highfive:

Nice idea, you should be able to put a description to them too, like: Coal seller.

love the idea,just that i dont think that jagex would do it until they have the free time to do it,in he mean time i would just use a piece of paper or microsoft words and group them in it with where did i met them and which timezones are they in and so on so forth.

That would be good… have like a bar at the top with a few of them, maybe a maximum of 5 groups… You select a group and they come up. And maybe you could put a small description by their name if they’re online. When I get on the other computer I’ll make a fake :smiley:

GREAT idea