Fruity and Jacob's Custom Sig Shop [CLOSED]

All normal sigs range from 5k - 30k (depending on difficulty)
Animations will cost 10k+

Picture: What kind of picture you want to be in your sig
Animation effects:
Buddy’s: We do not include buddy’s
Other: Any other effects you would like


Any questions just PM Fruitybird or me

Jacob, I have asked on the old topic if you would make me 3 more of your best sigs for the font, “Sir Jacob999”

Don’t you think your asking for a bit to much? Jacobs shop has been closed so it’s his choice if he’s going to finish the rest. text-align:right This store owns all!

fruity you have lost your gold crown?

ill take Sig 2 With me and blink on it in my sig…

then put like the symbol of zammy under me and zammorak under blink and then make the backround green please. also make the text how ever you wish and put rsr party guild in it… if you can. thank you…

i will pay 10k for now… please i will make the rest of the payment asap… maybe if you have it done alittle later… i will have all the cash for 20k. :slight_smile: thanks for the sig!

Then Put around the RsR Party Guild Put all The dragon items you can find… armour on top the weapons on bottom… and maybe do an animation with the text flashing brighter… on the RsR Party Guild Thanks.
This will be for blink and I

That is because the newspaper had to close due to not enough experience in HTML and things. Remember guys that our sigs are actaual quality, not easily made buddies done in a few seconds, we use proper graphics programs :wink: .

Yeh you tell them Fruity, Demonspitfir the sig will cost you 30K.

hey jacob u made me one already but it aint working…


[img][/img][b]Made by Jacob[/b]

i wanna see if it works now…

You should’ve PMed me. Contact chase312, she is the ‘master’ of HTML.

Here’s the sample

I’ll take the sample off when you pay the 30K,

[EDIT] - price is 25K because you were first customer.

Name: Banker Chase
Sub-text: <?php echo “I am the best!” ; ?>
Fonts: Similar to the RSR party guild sig you made
Colours: Colour scheme similar to my stat sig
Picture: Female Full dragon, mabye red phat
Animation effects: Name glowing
It needs to be red and black similar to my stat sig. Must look Zamorakian.

Jacob, I would like the Japanese looking font (but you can read it in english) in a white white font. I would like it on the background of the signature below.( The one with the guy with the armour and holding up a weapon). Thank You so much

Heh, Nice job jacob, THey all want sigd with simialr style to his so I’ll have to wait for the next order which isn’t simailar to the last. Anyway I’ve finally learnt how to download fonts whih is good, so my sigs will be better then ever! Someone order one from me :lol: …

i feel like I’m asking to much but can i help yall make sigs? I mean i want to find out where to get those backgrounds and where to download those fonts. If yall let me help, It will be less work for yall. So what do yall say?

If you post some of your work, i might consider.

I haven’t yet learned on how to do backgrounds, but I have sweet fonts.

I really hope you will accept me…

Can you make mine with fire for the picture and also make a buddy similar to my buddty ni avvy.And make my name,Aragorn 637,In red with black outlines.And for the sub title put in red with black outlines,A Loyal follower of Zamarok.

jacob i love the sig… but your missing the names and the levels please put those on… and where and when should we meet? for the payment…